Johny Hit And Run Paulene


Compositor: Exene Cervenka / John Doe

He bought a sterilized hypo
To shoot a sex machine drug
He got 24 hours
To shoot all paulenes between the legs
He'll throw 96 tears thru 24 hours
Sexed once every hour

Johny hit and run paulene [x4]

L.a. bus doors open
Kicking both doors open
When it rested on 6th street
That's when he drug a girl inside
He was spreading her legs and didn't understand dying
She was still awake

Johny hit and run paulene [x4]

When he was waking
Up beside the bed
He found clumps of hair
The last paulene wouldn't cooperate
She wasn't what you'd call living really
But she was still awake

Johny hit and run paulene [x4]

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